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When A Value Needs To Be Established Prior To An Estate Liquidation

We offer a non-certified fair market value appraisal

Non-Certified Fair Market Value Appraisal

What it is?

Our main service is estate sales, but in addition, we have been asked in the past if we can give an attorney or fiduciary a non-certified appraisal of an estates inventory. If an estate does not have available liquid assets we have tailored our appraisals for their financial needs.

We can identify the valuable items in the home and appraise them individually. Coupled with that, we

can group common items together and establish a fair market value that subsequently could be realized in an estate sale setting.

Every estate situation is different. With our 30 plus years in liquidating used merchandise, as a result, we have a fairly good knowledge of fair market value. Here are some pictures showing some of our past appraisals and how they look.

Fair market appraisal
Fair market appraisal
Fair market appraisal

Other Offered Services

Over the years we have learned to adjust to the needs of the client, since we are a service industry. We comply with any need that arises in an estate situation.

As in the pictures below, we were asked to inventory items in a home. We also had to find and separate important papers that the fiduciary needed. Contents were then itemized on boxes, packed, photographed and then placed in a storage facility for a future sale time.

Fair market appraisal
Fair market appraisal
Fair market appraisal

Small Jobs, But Necessary.

Estates all have different needs. A few things we have been asked to do…

• Pack and ship boxes of personal items of an estate to their family members.

• Move a few pieces of furniture for fiduciaries whose clients have moved from their home to a facility.

• Clean out a hoarder situation for a man who just needed to live in a safe environment.

• Find important papers in a clients storage unit as well as inventory all boxed items in storage, subsequently finding $30,000 cash in boxes and bags.

• Go thru bagged trash that family members threw away at a clients home to find important papers and subsequently finding a floor safe with over $85,000 cash.

It’s all in a days work!