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Some people just have a tough time letting go of their stuff.

When a hoarder cleanout is necessary, we are well seasoned in quickly identifying trash from treasure. It is our job to create income for the estate. If it entails digging, separating and masks with gloves we are not afraid.

Hoarder Cleanout

For Loved Ones Who Just Can’t
Pass Up A Good Deal

Our job is not just to clean up but to create income. We offer an interior and/or exterior clean up service to remove trash and debris and separate salable items. Don’t ever underestimate the value of a hoarders belongings. It is amazing what the general public will pay you to haul off. They can’t pass up a good deal either.  Take a look at some of the hoarder homes we have cleaned up. Clean up can take anywhere from three days to two months. We have created anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 in merchandise sales, based on volume, in homes that have been thought to be trashouts alone.

Note: This picture is one of our really happy clients who purchased a man and woman’s monkey hair wedding headdresses from one of our estate sales. He was really excited. 

Here are a few before and after pictures of hoarder homes we have done.

Endless Trash and Treasure: Tackling it one bag at a time.

What others thought was trash, we turn into cash.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout | El Cajon

In this situation — tons of clothing, household items and thousands of filled grocery bags, including gold jewelry. It was stacked more than 6 feet in some areas. Having boxes ready to pack salable items and a trash can handy is the key. You just have to get a system down.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout After | El Cajon

There were 6 of us working a total of 18 days to clear the trash and find the floor.  We also discovered dead animals next to bags of chocolate. Take note exterminators, we deducted that chocolate is not good for rats.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout | El Cajon

There was no clear entry into the home. There was a mass of things blocking the front door.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout  After | El Cajon

Voila, a few hours later and the job really gets interesting once we can open the front door.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout | Salton Sea

This job included two homes, a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, an old Chevron station and 8- 40 ft. sea crates, all packed. This job took two months, 4 workers and buyers who were willing to travel from San Diego to Salton Sea to dig thru tons of stuff. Whatever we didn’t sell onsite we rented U-haul trucks to take to an auction.

Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarder Cleanout After | Salton Sea

This home was a mess, dead animals and an unfixable smell the entire job. However, in this home we were able to generate a lot of income for the estate.

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