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The “extraordinary” Team

“If you do what you love you never have to work a day in your life”, someone said once.
Well, we love what we do. But we do have a secret weapon. It’s Bob Brackney.

Our story is about Bob working in this industry– buying and selling used merchandise– since 1977. He has knowledge of the basic and the peculiar. He is a “quick on his feet” thinker. He looks at an estate’s home and his mind is positioning tables and merchandise almost immediately. He can look at a room and knows exactly what needs to be moved out and what needs to be moved in for aesthetics. Prioritizing is the key to working quickly. And Bob has that down. We just try to follow his lead. 

 Interesting side note: 

It is like a Who’s Who for us… Our past sales have been for a woman who was the cryptologist and administrative assistant to the attorney in the Nuremburg trials, Carrie Baker; for a man in Class 6 of the Navy Seals, Louis DeLara;  for the first woman and woman president in Toastmasters, Helen Blanchard; for one of the first five women colonels in the army who was a tour guide for Helen Keller, Col. Lane Carlson; for a leader in Boys and Girls club; for a CFO of Coors; for an executive at Convair and we were involved with the Ginger Rogers auction here in San Diego in the late 1990’s…so many fun sales with wonderful history. It has been such a unique journey.

our story Bob Brackney

Bob Brackney,

Chief Muckety Muk (owner/operator)

Bob has lived on the same street in El Cajon his whole life. His experiences at the swap meet go way back to his childhood where his family regularly shopped. He has grown up in this industry and has been a student of second hand sales. He lies in bed at night just thinking how he is going to set up a house and make it look nice. He is driven for the purpose he was put on earth for. As a wife, I try to intervene with a “better idea” but “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  He has a method to his madness. He has built our business to what it is and I have to admit he has done what has needed to be done. He is surely, sure footed. He knows his stuff and I know he is well respected for his work ethic.

our story Sissi Brackney

Sissi Brackney,

Chief Muks wife

Sissi, a native of Los Angeles, started in the advertising field in the early 1970’s working her way up to an advertising designer. In 1982, she moved to Houston to be near family. A family emergency brought her back to California in 1985 to take care of an aunt and uncle in El Cajon.  She put an ad in the newspaper for a liquidation sale. Her plan was to move her aunt and uncle back to Houston. Bob answered the ad but he didn’t want to buy anything, he just wanted to help her and she soon found he was the nicest guy she ever met. She never moved back to Houston, instead she married him 6 months to the day after they met. This journey has been a blessing. 

our story Tom and Bonnie Brackney

Tom & Bonnie Brackney,

Recently joined our team as partners, perfect timing

Bob’s brother, Tom, and his wife, Bonnie, returned to California 2015 and joined us in  Extraordinary Estate Services after traveling the world with Holiday on Ice.  Tom was a comic ice skater and Bonnie taught him her family’s skill in training shelter rescues to be entertainers.  Their Madcap Mutts landed a role on Broadway in New York in The Will Rogers Follies during the 1990’s.  They settled down in Sussex County, New Jersey, where they built a successful pet boarding business for 24 years.  After 40 years away, they’ve come full circle, trading in their skates and shovels for sunglasses and flip flops to be near family and their home town of San Diego.

Who is Bob Brackney Anyway?

“In 1977 I started buying and re-selling to earn extra money while working for my father making hardwood ducks. I loved helping him in his craft but I needed to earn some extra money. After starting in this new venture, my dad taught me, ‘ordinary things for ordinary people’, and it seemed to work, but I soon realized that people will buy just about anything. The more merchandise I bought, the more I sold. Every truck I bought had to be bigger than the last. Then one day someone said, ‘can you sell everything in my home’? 

Thirty years ago a girl came from Houston to El Cajon to care for relatives. I answered her ad for a liquidation sale and six months after we met, we were married and started a family. My wife, our daughter and two sons have all played a huge part in building this business, offering their individual skills to ‘get the job done’. As I expanded into the estate sale market I found it extremely rewarding to be placed in a position of trust and responsibility by family members suffering a loss. It empowered me to do the best I possibly could in order to meet 

all of their needs. My wife and I both were lifelong ‘hands on, take care of your loved ones no matter what’  kind of people, so when someone calls with a need, we know what you are facing. My governing values dictate that I live my life treating others as I would wish to be treated and I have made a concerted effort to do business the same way. After all these years, we have mastered the estate liquidation process. We don’t want to just blend in, we strive to offer an extraordinary service.

our story, Jack Brackney, Brackney Decoys

Jack Brackney Decoys, A San Diego Legend

Jack’s decoys are all over the internet. It was what he loved to do and Bobby was right there working along side of him. Bobby would pack the ducks carefully every weekend so that his dad and mom could travel to any craft show where they could set up camp. They all made a lot of great memories. These are a couple of the ducks he made with his father. The one on the right he made for me for our first Christmas together in 1985.  It is a sleeper teal in walnut. It is my most treasured possession. If our house was on fire, this is what I’d take.

our story, Brackney Decoys


We don’t want to just blend in. We strive to offer an extraordinary service.

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