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Estate Sales

Most estate sales take at least one week to complete and if there are a lot of items to sort through a bit longer to carefully go through everything, Then, usually the weekend before through Thursday we set up and Stage the Estate Sale.
Safety in the home is imperative, so we plan for a nice flow of traffic.  If cleaning is necessary, we do that as well in order to show better. If we find items we think the family would want to keep, we set them aside. We secure side gates to protect your home during a sale. After the sale, we box unsold items for donation, removal of all trash in the house, garage, yard, and sheds.. For an hourly fee, we can take care of all of the above. We leave a clean appearance for the realtor to either sell or rent the home.  However, these options are up to the estate. 

Concerning foreign currency, gold, sterling silver, vintage costume jewelry, fine art, and collectibles, we rely on reputable dealers for their knowledge and expertise in evaluations. An estate sale will bring you the most amount of money for your items as opposed to a Buyout?


if there are sufficient valuable items in an estate, we will will Buy it outright taking into consideration the amount of work necessary to transport/store valuable items to appropriate venues to sell. And, we take into consideration the amount of labor required to eliminate everything else, hiring of help, costs of transport to stores and dump runs, etc.

Buyout’s take up to a week or so to complete. If we find personal items that may have been missed by the Family/Representative, we inform them so they may take appropriate actions.


If there are insufficient items of value or it is a Hoarder Home, there might be a fee to eliminate everything from the home. It requires hiring help to move everything out, travel, gas, labor to move items to thrift stores or the dump, including dump fees. The fee could be from $0.00 upwards.

We donate many items to Thrift Stores, books to Library, anything of value we may attempt to sell to offset our costs. Anything remaining which may be unsaleable ie particle board furniture, broken items, and trash we take to the dump and pay the appropriate fees to discard. Then we sweep the empty premises as best as we can.

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